Wrapper: SAN ANDRES MEXICO         • Binder: DOMINICAN            Filler: Dominican & Nicaraguan


Leo’s Choice Cigars Aged are unique cigars specially made with medium to full body smoke with complex aroma of toast ginger and leather. Rich taste of dark chocolate and sandal, this oily sun grown habano wrappers are 5 - 7 years aged.


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​​The MADURO Leo’s Choice Cigars are a full body cigars with senses of cedar, and leather on this "Aroma Hecho a Mano". The taste is complex earthy flavor of chocolate and spices. Well dressed with a San Andres, Mexico wrapper, this distinctive cigar gives a perfect burn with full smoke enjoyment till the end.

Leo’s Choice Cigars NATURAL/ Anejo is a medium to full body cigar with a flavor of spiced fresh roasted coffee, support in a unique wrapper anejada at least for 3 - 5 years. This cigar has an easy, yet straight smoke, and a smooth draw a long grey white ash pronounces a earthy fragrances of java e spice.

Leo’s Choice Cigars CLARO Connecticut is a delicate classic little smoke with a distinct "Aroma Hecho a Mano". Taste is nutty followed by tinges of sandal. Elegantly dressed with a traditional oiled cream Connecticut wrapper, this cigar renders a flawless draw. A cleam straight turn expresses the elegance and straight of nutty of cocoa well made.

Wrapper: Connecticut               • Binder: Nicaraguan             Filler: Dominican & Nicaraguan

Wrapper: DOMINICAN HABANO        • Binder: Nicaraguan              Filler: Dominican & Nicaraguan

Wrapper: SAN ANDRES MEXICO        • Binder: DOMINICAN              Filler: Dominican & Nicaraguan