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All our cigars are hand rolled in our Cabana Cigars Factory, in “Calle Ocho”, Miami. We used Cuban seeded Dominican, Nicaraguan, Equatorian and Honduran tobacco Leaves and Binders, Wrappers:  Connecticut(Claros); Equador(natural), and maduros and doble maduros  from San Andres, Mexico and Peru. Eighty percent of the Aromas come from the leaves and the other twenty percent from the binder and wrapper.

Wrappers come in different colors (Claro, Natural, Maduro and Doble Maduro). Claro and Natural (aged from 3 to 5 years ) are shaded growed.  Maduro and Doble Maduro are Sun growed and aged from 3 to 7 years. The lighter the Milder, the darker the more full bodied.

Each Cigar has between six and eight leaves, depending on the style and aroma. The smallest cigar is the Karallito and the largest the Eximious Meritage 57.

Each cigar has a mixture of leaves that is selected depending on the Style of the cigar (Eximious, Corona, Churchill, Torpedo, Toro, etc.). These leaves have been carefully chosen, to maintain consistency in the integrity of each style and Leo’s Choice’s “Aroma hecho a mano”.

We DO NOT used scrap filler. We only used long leaf tobacco that has been grown from 1st  Generation Cuban Seeds. What is Cuban Seeds? In 1959 Castro seized Cuba and all the tobacco plantations. The owners had no choice but to make an exodus to Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras and Mexico, taking with them “primo” 1959 tobacco plant seeds.

We employ 1st  and 2nd  generation Cuban Rollers from Pinar del Rio, Cuba. S. Cabana, a Veteran himself from Pinar del Rio, a Master Roller with Partagas, settled our factory in “Calle Ocho” Miami, in 1997.

Our Cigars are “American Made” for global enjoyment. We take Great Pride in our product and promise you a wonderful and delightful Smoke Experience.

Once  you  light  up  one  of  our  Cigars,  you will look no  further  for  a  Quality  Fine  Cigar  enjoyment.​

our history

The Story of “Leo’s Choice Cigars”,  following a Cuban Tradition  Leo’s Choice Cigar was born in 1997, from a Father, a Famous Master Blender of the Cuban hand rolled Cigars Tradition, S. Cabana and a Father Lusitano, Leo Lopes, an avid and passionate Cigar aficionado.

Torpedo Doble Maduro “Leo D’Vino” was born along with a solid business relationship that last till today. Leo D’Vino is Leo’s Choice’s Flagship but others were incorporated into Leo’s portfolio after many tastes and our family smoking members/clients opinion.
Torpedos are a very popular size within our client’s selection, reason for the popularity of Torpedo Box pressed: “Aňejo 7  Don Leo”,

The most recent approved model (Thanksgiving 2015) is The Grande “Eximious Meritage 57”, a 7” length X 60 1/3 Gauge ring, a perfect balanced cigar in the aromas and Taste aged between 5 and 7 years, This one was followed by the Corona Gorda  “Fur D’Or”  a 6” X 60 Gauge ring and Presidente,   Claros and Natural.

Amongst our popular Cigars from Leo’s Spanish Cedar Black BAU are:
Churchils, Claros, Natural and Maduros 
Robustos,  Maduros and Capa Vieja 
Torpedos “ Vintage Siluette”  Natural and Maduros 
Lanceros, Claros and Natural
Karallitos (a small version of the Lanceros claros) 
Toros “Viejo Indio”    capa Hondurena     and the famous Mild 
Coronas   Claros  “Pelo D’Oro”